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Website Redesign
Tamuri Leanne Richardson

Project Overview:

Webzent Technologies is delighted to present our collaboration with Tamuri Leanne Richardson, a renowned International Professional Motivational Speaker, Communications Coach, and Influential Storyteller. Our partnership aimed to create an engaging and dynamic website that reflects Tamuri’s multifaceted expertise and extensive experience in empowering individuals and organizations. Leveraging the Elementor Builder on the WordPress platform, we crafted a visually compelling and user-friendly website tailored to showcase Tamuri’s services and achievements.

Scope of Work:

Webzent Technologies embarked on a comprehensive journey to translate Tamuri Leanne Richardson’s vision into a captivating digital presence, encompassing the following key initiatives:
  • Collaborated closely with Tamuri to understand her unique brand identity, target audience, and service offerings.
  • Leveraged the flexibility and creativity of the Elementor Builder to design a visually stunning website interface that resonates with Tamuri’s audience.
  • Implemented custom features and functionalities to highlight Tamuri’s diverse range of services, including Resource Speaking, Communications Coaching, Business Life Coaching, Influential Storytelling, and Organizational Development.
  • Curated engaging content that showcases Tamuri’s professional achievements, accolades, and impactful contributions to various organizations and communities.
  • Integrated seamless navigation and interactive elements to enhance user experience and facilitate easy access to information about Tamuri’s services and accomplishments.

Key Features:

The Tamuri Leanne Richardson website boasts an array of compelling features designed to captivate visitors and showcase Tamuri’s expertise, including:

  • A captivating homepage featuring Tamuri’s inspirational message and an overview of her services, achievements, and accolades.
  • Dedicated service pages providing detailed information about Tamuri’s offerings as a Resource Speaker, Communications Coach, Business Life Coach, Influential Storyteller, and Organizational Developer.
  • Engaging content and multimedia elements, including videos, testimonials, and articles, to showcase Tamuri’s impactful storytelling and motivational prowess.
  • Seamless integration of contact forms and booking options to facilitate inquiries, consultations, and speaking engagements.
  • Interactive blog section offering valuable insights, tips, and resources on communication, leadership, personal development, and organizational growth.
  • Mobile-responsive design and intuitive navigation, ensuring a seamless browsing experience across devices and platforms.


The collaboration between Webzent Technologies and Tamuri Leanne Richardson culminated in the successful launch of a dynamic and inspiring website that embodies Tamuri’s passion for empowering individuals and organizations. By combining cutting-edge design with compelling content, we’ve created a digital platform that not only showcases Tamuri’s services and achievements but also inspires visitors to take action and embark on their journey of personal and professional growth. The website serves as a powerful tool for Tamuri to connect with her audience, share her expertise, and make a positive impact in the world.

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